Peaches in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Wings

Beautiful NYC summer days, especially the weekend, always fuels my desire to try something new. Although I already knew about this gem in Bed-Stuy, I never had the opportunity (or courage) to eat there until today. Grabbing two of my Brooklyn friends, we took a ride into the historic Bed-Stuy neighborhood and ate at Peaches. I’m not from NYC so the words, Brooklyn + Bed-Stuy don’t mix in my mind…However, to my surprise, Bed-Stuy is a beautiful up and coming neighborhood with historic & breathtaking brownstones/architecture.

Located on the ground level of a historic Brownstone itself, Peaches is an American, urban rustic restaurant, with hints of southern flare. If you want to try somewhere “different” and away from the Manhattan rush, you should definitely give this place a try! Trust me, you won’t regret it!


A-mbiance: urban rustic, cozy, (Live music during brunch +++), good for brunch dates
S-ervice: It could have been better, but hey they were very busy! Nevertheless, our server had a very good attitude and eventually picked up the pace as the meal progressed
H-ighlights: Live music during brunch, Brooklyn wings and Blackened Catfish Sandwich (pictured above)
Recommend: Absolutely! Go next weekend!
E-ditable: Food was excellent, fresh, well seasoned and very tasty
N-egative feedback: besides the shady service at the beginning of the meal, everything else ran smoothly and was delicious
E-xpense: Average NYC brunch prices around $15 per meal
E- valuation: Overall good experience,  solid A-


393 Lewis Ave Brooklyn, NY

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